Why you should never take the trip of a lifetime

The phrase “trip of a lifetime” needs to be retired. By adding those three simple worlds to an upcoming or recently completed trip, you are giving up. If I say that my round-the-world trip was the journey of a lifetime, I’m accepting that no trip in the future will ever match what I just did. I’ll never see so many amazing places or meet as many awesome people as I did during those 100 days. I would be writing off every future trip I dream of taking as second place at best.

Have you ever heard Peyton Manning say in a post-game interview, “This game will go down as the greatest performance of my entire career”? Of course not. By doing that, he is putting a lid on his potential and accepting that he will never play that well again. For someone who loves to travel, why would you stamp this kind of an inflection point on your life? Everything before then was on the way up, and everything after is downhill. Maybe on your deathbed you can reflect and decide which journey was your trip of a lifetime. Until then, look forward to every trip like it could be the best one of your life.



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