39 Observations from a 105 Day RTW Trip

1. Most people don’t cheese as hard as Americans when taking pictures.

Find the Americans!

Find the Americans

2. A lot of South Americans really don’t like that we call ourselves Americans instead of United Statians like they do in Spanish.

3. Your network is way bigger than you think.

4. New York and Los Angeles are where you go to make it. Miami is where you go after you’ve made it.

5. South Americans love the word “linda.”

6. You can get a totally wrong impression of someone if they are speaking to you in a language in which they aren’t fluent.

7. (Non-alcoholic) Drink sizes around the world are much smaller than in the US, with the exception of beer.

8. For good or bad, Americans don’t know the meaning of moderation.

9. Sometimes sitting down for a drink by yourself can change your attitude completely.

10. Many countries have a real catch-22 when it comes to currency. Their governments issue huge denominations (that you inevitably receive at ATMs) but nobody has change or is willing to accept the big bills.

11. Knowing what language to start a conversation in with a group of travelers is as hard as guessing someone’s age.

12. Many young people around the world truly believe the US government is evil and that 9/11 was an inside job.

13. Many people think that American food just consists of hamburgers and other fast food.

14. Tourists are highly susceptible to advertising messages because they have no loyalty to any local brands.

15. Air pollution is a serious problem.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

16. Hitchhikers share a special bond that lasts a lifetime. A 65 year old that hitchhiked in his twenties will be more likely to pick up another hitcher than a 25 year old that has never hitchhiked.

17. Obesity isn’t just limited to the US. It is a growing global issue.

18. Solo travel sucks if you are only staying at each destination for a couple nights–too much small talk and too many casual acquaintances. You never form any real friendships.

19. Huge chain hostels suck for meeting people. So do empty ones.

20. Everyone thinks their country has the best coffee, pizza, and sunsets.

21. Situational awareness is an essential travel skill.

22. Everyone thinks the weather where they live is incredibly unpredictable.

23. Everyone thinks their new trend is only happening in their own country.
Ex. The emergence of Microbreweries or pay-by-weight frozen yogurt places.

24. People outside the US are extremely curious about fraternities and sororities in America.

25. Thai people either can’t come to a consensus or just don’t care about spelling in English.
Ex. Ko Pha Ngan, Koh Phangan, Ko Pha-Ngan

26. There is a severe shortage of trash cans in public places in Thailand.

27. American girls have an irrational love for Mac and Cheese. The rest of the world doesn’t get it.

28. Croatians expect you to be decisive when ordering at a restaurant. Don’t ask for recommendations.

29. The US is very cheap for the standard of living we enjoy.

30. Native English speakers are lucky to have the ability to travel almost anywhere without a significant language barrier.

31. Party hostel staff members are the star athletes and cheerleaders of the backpacking world.

32. Prague and Budapest are remarkably similar physically. They both have a river splitting the city down the middle, a castle on the west bank of the river, and lots of underground attractions (bunkers, caves, etc).

33. It rains a lot in Europe in the spring.

34. Germany has huge pillows.


35. American entertainment (music, movies, TV) is king.

36. Berlin clubs have the most bizarre entry rules in the world.

37. Bedding around the world varies a lot.

38. Pool (billiards) rules are different almost everywhere; you might even find five different sets of rules in the same town.

39. Europe has hardly any skyscrapers.

Prague Skyline

Prague Skyline



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3 Responses to 39 Observations from a 105 Day RTW Trip

  1. Greg says:

    I’m gonna guess that number 27 dawned on you while travelling with Kelly hahahaha

  2. Michael says:

    You got me curious about the bizarre entry rules. Such as?

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